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O bag products selection:


O bag, a bag made Material XL EXTRALIGHT®, a plastic material that makes it light and soft. A unique accessory, it can be customized with interchangeable components such as handles, inner bags and trims.

O bag mini, the smaller version of the O bag, also customizable and combinable with a range of specially created accessories

O bag beach, in soft-touch rubber with a recognizable wicker-effect woven texture. A full colour maxi bag, roomy enough to hold everything..

O bag ’50 is a truly retro handbag that recalls the sleek and classic lines of the 1950s giving it a mix of practicality and style.

O bag soft, the new, fun backpack with a soft fabric body and Material XL EXTRALIGHT® bottom. For a casual, sporty look.

O basket is a shoulder bag with a shape inspired by the 1970s, reimagined with interchangeable shoulder straps and inserts to provide a spacious and comfortable handbag.

O chic is the model with a longer shape to be carried by hand rather than over the shoulder. A more elegant and refined style, the O chic has its own range of specifically designed accessories.

O city is the newest handbag in the range, a capacious, rectangular-based bag with elegant accessories and handles perfectly suited and named for city life.

O pocket, a mini shoulder clutch with customizable magnetic closure flaps and a smart, glamorous look.

O folder mini, a messenger bag that’s smart and practical for the office, to accessorize with interchangeable flaps in faux leather and fabric, and multitasking inner bags.

O bag moon, the brand new modular bag inspired by a linear and geometric design. A handbag in an original, spherical shape to be customized with rigid ring handles and shoulder straps.

O bag moon light, O bag moon smaller version, the mini round-shaped shoulder bag with its essential simplicity.

O square, the bag that transformed in a backpack with a specific shape, customized with handles, shoulder straps and organizer inserts. A unisex and multitasking accessory.

One, the new backpack designed by Matteo Cibic. A modular backpack, rigorously Made in Italy in hi-tech material, featuring a Material XL EXTRALIGHT® body for wearing comfort and metallic zip for interchanging the covers in micro-injected printed fabric.


O clock is the wristwatch made up of a hypoallergenic silicone strap and interchangeable dials with which you can create over 1300 possible combinations

O clock great is the larger version of the classic O clock, available in a whole host of colours and new combinations with tone on tone, sunburst and day/date display dial variations.

O chive, a modern interpretation of the pocket watch, available in dozens of colour versions.

O click is worn around your neck like a necklace, for a new way to keep track of time. The small proportions and clean design of its casing, enriched with little crystals make it precious and unique.


O hug is a purse created by pairing unique and colourful Material XL EXTRALIGHT® with a range of fabric materials, as if the two halves are joined in an embrace.


O sun, O sun aviator and O sun shine are the personalisable sunglasses designs thanks to their interchangeable components; the lenses, frames and arms can all be mixed and matched to create never before seen designs and styles.


O bracelet, cool original style bracelets in 3D printed silicone, available in FLOWER (in two sizes, slim and big), DAISY and KNOT versions.


O shoes, the flatforms that mark O bag’s first foray into footwear. The new slides in coloured Material XL EXTRALIGHT® are available with a high wedge or basic sole, and come in 8 different colours. Straps can be customized with a mix and match of fun, fashion accessories in minimal, easy to wear style.


O joy, the multisensorial and modular smart lamp designed by Franco Driusso, emits sound and smelling sensations along with moving light effects for a unique experience of total wellbeing. Made in Italy.

O eat, the new customizable portable lunchbox entirely Made in Italy, is ideal for a wholesome break on any occasion and makes life easier and reflects a healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly style.

O pouf, a comfortable seat made with O bag production scraps enclosed in a transparent PVC cover. Ideal also for outdoor use.